SAN is a leading provider of sustainability assurance and verification solutions in agriculture, characterized by their quality, impact and cost effectiveness.

Through our network of on-the-ground resources and experts, we help companies identify and solve social, environmental and production issues in their value chains, and we help provide solutions to make them more sustainable.

Our flexible Assurance Solutions enable organizations to better verify and track the performance of their suppliers and service providers, minimizing risks and building more resilient value chains.

We use our Sustainable Agriculture Standard as a road map to design customized and effective solutions for the different sourcing geographies we operate in. The SAN Standard is globally recognized for its comprehensive approach to sustainability, its high levels of innovation and for creating positive change on farms.

Organizations and companies working with us set goals according to their own priorities to address key challenges and we act as an ally, helping them to achieve and measure progress. All our work is based on transparent commitments, targets and reporting of achievements.

We partner with individual organizations to develop bespoke plans to support each organization’s own internal and/or external goals. SAN’s services can be provided on an individual basis or as a turnkey system for businesses that want to take full control of supply chain verification, monitoring and support.

For better results, Assurance Solutions can be complemented with customized Capacity Development interventions and/or be used as a part of the overall toolbox in an Innovation & Change project.


Our customized assurance and verification solutions include:

  • Advisory services such as sustainability strategy and goal setting, review and development of responsible sourcing programs and policies, and development of supplier codes of conduct

  • Supply chain diagnostics, data and risk analyses, assessments and mapping
  • Development, monitoring and evaluation of custom built performance indicators
  • Verification of suppliers or service providers’ sustainability performance
  • Selection of verification parameters and sampling design
  • Assessment of company sustainability programs
  • Sustainability reporting and communications for internal staff, shareholders and other key stakeholders
  • Staff and supplier training
  • Independent quality assurance for verification and auditing systems, including certification schemes
  • Company sustainability and supply chain risk maps, and similar tools for selecting and supporting suppliers