SAN is now a member of FONAP, the German Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil


The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is now a member of FONAP, the Forum Nachhaltiges Palmöl (German Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil). The SAN is proud to participate in this important forum together with 50 other organizations and member companies seeking greater sustainability in the cultivation and industrialization of palm oil.

The aim of the FONAP is to significantly boost the proportion of certified palm oil, palm kernel oil and their derivatives and fractions on the German, Austrian and Swiss market. However, its work goes beyond certification, supporting other tools that deliver positive impact, especially related to a ban on plantations on peatlands and other carbon-rich land, a ban on the use of highly hazardous pesticides, the application of strict reduction targets for greenhouse gases and more transparency.

For SAN, having an active role in spaces like FONAP is key because palm oil is a controversial and very questioned crop that is also essential at a global level, so the organization wishes to contribute to the development of practical, realistic and effective solutions for the industry.

With our many years of experience in certification work, the local anchoring of our member organisations and the technical and specialist expertise of the SAN team, we wish to contribute to the dialogue and action on FONAP aims in cooperation with various stakeholder groups.  We promote a shared understanding of interests and intensifying the knowledge transfer between various producing regions.

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