Training of the Agricultural Biodiversity Check in Costa Rica begins


This November 29 will begin in Costa Rica the I Training Workshop for the implementation of the Biodiversity Check Agrícola tool, thanks to a joint work of the SAN and the Biodiversity and Business Program in Central America and the Dominican Republic of the Germany´s development cooperation, GIZ.

The Biodiversity Check Agrícola is a tool aimed at promoting strategies for the conservation and management of biodiversity in the private sector, through the implementation of action plans that contain actions at the level of plantation, farm and landscape.

The workshop, which will conclude on December 1st, will include the participation of agricultural consultants from the private sector, as well as experts from the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center (CATIE), from the National Banana Corporation (Corbana) of Costa Rica, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Costa Rica and the GIZ Mexico.

During this event, participants will have classroom instruction sessions and then a day of practice on banana farms to test the implementation of the tool in the field.

The main objective of the Biodiversity Check Agrícola is to promote the involvement of the private sector in strategies for the conservation of biodiversity, through the implementation of action plans that promote the sustainability of production and consumption, as well as the mitigation of impacts in natural resources.

The process of developing this tool includes another training workshop in the Dominican Republic (pineapple) that will be announced soon. It is expected that the final version of the Biodiversity Check Agricola will be completed in March 2019 to be used by companies and producers thereafter.

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