How does the SAN-SAF contribute towards achieving the SDGs?


Our Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAN-SAF) contributes towards achieving 41 targets under 14 SDGs.

Almost every country in the world is committed to contribute the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a universal call to action towards ending poverty, protecting the planet and ensuring that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

SAN joins this global effort through all its services, programs and tools, such as the Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAN-SAF) that is the base of our technical work. We know that sustainable agriculture programs and initiatives can be a major driver of change within the food chain systems and further contribute to the sustainable development worldwide, as agriculture is considered key to mitigate climate change and its impact, protect the natural resources and ecosystem services supply, conserve biodiversity, and contribute to better livelihoods for rural communities.

Our SAN-SAF is a technical outcome-based tool that facilitates a combination of elements of verification and support to allow farms, groups and productive systems to reach, measure and demonstrate specific sustainability results. Through the SAF, we aim to contribute towards 14 goals and 41 targets, by helping a wide range of actors along the food supply chain to achieve sustainable agriculture and livestock systems and promote the sourcing of sustainable goods.

Every SAF impact area  -and its corresponded indicators- is connected to at least one target and SDG, so organizations working with SAN would be able to demonstrate their contribution to these global goals. Learn more about how SAN-SAF and SDGs are related in this brochure. 

Catalina Mora