Farms for the Future: the new SAN program to transform agriculture


The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) is pleased to present its new sustainability program "Farms for the Future", especially designed to respond to the challenges agriculture faces in today’s world, of preparing to feed 10 billion people in 2050, and do so in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

"Farms for the Future" is SAN’s response to farmers’ need of receiving more support to improve their performance, and the need for companies and supply chains to have tools that allow them to achieve their sustainability goals and show results with transparency.

Our innovative program differs from other sustainability tools by combining elements and activities of verification, capacity development and implementation of good practices, with an efficient technology platform for information management. It also has a continuous monitoring and evaluation system, which allows not only measure and achieve specific goals, but to take pulse of what really happens on the ground.

In addition, "Farms for the Future" is highly customizable, designed with enough flexibility to address the priorities of each crop, region and supply chain around the world.

The program is coordinated by SAN and implemented through our network of local members and technicians, and is already open to farms and groups of farms of any supply chain. It is an effective way to meet specific sustainability objectives and also allows brands to make reliable outcome based claims about progress achieved at farm level.

“The sustainability challenges we face in the world require that we think in different and more innovative ways. Farms for the Future represents a new approach, more centered on farmers, where we combine elements of assurance with support for improvement. It’s based on a robust technology platform and adaptable to fit the reality of the large mass of farmers not reachable by traditional solutions,” explained the SAN Executive Director, Andre de Freitas.

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Sustainability is a journey. Farms for the Future can support you every step of the way.