Training of advisors for the Biodiversity Check Agrícola will conclude with a workshop in the Dominican Republic


Starting February 6, the II Training Workshop for the implementation of the Biodiversity Check Agrícola tool will begin in Dominican Republic, thanks to a joint work of the SAN and the Biodiversity and Business Program in Central America and the Dominican Republic of the Germany´s development cooperation, GIZ.

The Biodiversity Check Agrícola is a tool aimed at promoting strategies for the conservation and management of biodiversity in the private sector, through the implementation of action plans that contain actions at the level of plantation, farm and landscape.

The workshop in Santo Domingo will conclude on February 8 and will include the participation of agricultural consultants from the private sector, as well as experts from the ministries of Environment, Agriculture and the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources of the Dominican Republic. In addition, representatives of several universities of the country, and the National Botanical Garden will attend.

This training will emphasize the cultivation of pineapple, and aims to have a group of trained advisors to implement the Agricultural Biodiversity Check in the future in this Caribbean country, as well as to consider the comments of the participants of the course to refine the final version of the tool.

The process of developing this tool included a training workshop and field practices in Costa Rica, specifically with banana plantations, as well as practices with sugarcane in Guatemala.