Sustainability performance of more than 45,000 productive hectares is monitored by the SAN iHub


The data on sustainability performance of more than 1,160 farms in Brazil, covering an area of approximately 45,000 productive hectares of coffee, orange, sugar cane and paprika, are currently registered in the SAN Intelligence Hub (iHub), a technological platform specially designed for efficient managing of agricultural operations data.

The farms whose data are being handled in the iHub belong to the companies Cooxupé (coffee), MonteCCer (coffee), Fuchs (paprika), Montecitrus (orange), Mercon (coffee) and Raízen (sugar cane).


Each company evaluates and verifies, through the iHub, the performance of their farms with respect to different certification systems and internal codes, for example, the Smart ELO indicators (ELO N0), in the case of Raízen; and the certification standards SAI (Sustainable Agriculture Initiative) and Rainforest Alliance in the case of the other companies.

Enzo Jiménez, the SAN Information Technology (IT) manager, explained that each client sent the initial databases of the farms "mostly in Excel sheets", and the SAN IT team took care of the migration of such data to the iHub system, "but from now on each client has the power to manage their data, include and exclude farms and upload information with the results of evaluations, verifications and audits, so that they can make autonomous use of the platform. "

"Each client can create projects with evaluations that generate checklists to be used by auditors in the field to verify compliance with the indicators and the respective standards," said Jiménez.

In the near future the iHub will also be used to manage data from livestock farms in Brazil and work is already on going on the development and implementation of benchmarks among different codes and certification schemes, according to the needs of each client, so that with a single checklist they can evaluate the performance of their operations in several systems.

The SAN launched its iHub in the second half of 2018 as a data management platform specialized in agriculture that facilitates the monitoring, analysis of information and decision-making by companies on their supply chains.

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Nancy De Lemos