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Community-Based Monitoring and Assurance System

The Community-Based Monitoring and Assurance System (CMAS) for Small-scale Coffee Producers in Planadas, Tolima is an innovative project, launched by the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and funded by the Tinker Foundation, that aims to empower rural communities by providing them with tools to measure and report sustainability outcomes. By leveraging community-driven approaches and technological solutions, CMAS seeks to enhance the sustainability of coffee production while promoting socio-environmental responsibility.


CMAS Objectives

CMAS aims to create a robust and participatory framework that allows rural communities to measure and report sustainability outcomes of landscape-level investments, ensuring both socio-environmental responsibility and long-term agricultural sustainability.

Empowerment of Local Communities

  • Equip community members with the skills and tools necessary for effective monitoring and reporting.

  • Foster a sense of ownership and accountability among small-scale coffee producers.

Enhancement of Agricultural Sustainability

  • Promote the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices through continuous monitoring and data collection.

  • Improve the overall quality of life and environmental outcomes for participating communities.

Stakeholder Collaboration

  • Engage various stakeholders across the coffee value chain to support and finance the monitoring efforts.

  • Create a collaborative network that ensures the project's sustainability and impact.

Project Activities

CMAS is funded by

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