Farms for the Future


Sustainability is a journey. Our program supports farmers and buyers every step of the way


In a world where climate change, poverty, child labor, deforestation, pesticide overuse, nutrition and soil and water conservation are key issues, sustainable agriculture represents the main opportunity to generate change on the ground and deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the Sustainable Agriculture Network, we are committed to use our global and local experience to provide the best tools for farmers and brands to transform agriculture into a positive activity for the environment and the people.

Farms for the Future is a program designed to deliver positive impact on the ground by supporting farmers to achieve specific sustainability goals and by providing transparency regarding their performance

The program is coordinated by SAN and implemented through our network of local partners and technicians. Its aim is to work with farmers and buyers through a continuous improvement approach, providing support to tackle the key challenges faced by agriculture and livestock producers worldwide, and transparency on progress and outcomes.

Sustainability approaches need to be adapted to each context, as different supply chains and regions have different priorities, and also must take advantage of the technology to enhance transparency and accelerate change. That’s why Farms for the Future is underpinned by our Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAN-SAF) and supported by our unique technological platform, the SAN Intelligence Hub (iHub).

Adding value to farmers and buyers

Our program is an effective way to deliver on specific sustainability goals by providing a customized tool that integrates verification, capacity development, impact monitoring, data management and local implementation to improve sustainability performance and demonstrate impact. It also allows brands to make reliable claims supported by data on what is going on at farm level


Farms for the Future is the right tool for:

•Risk management.

•Delivering on sustainability commitments.

•Improving farmers’ performance on key issues.

•Making reliable claims on outcomes and impacts.

•Supply chain mapping and scaling up sustainability work.

•Preparing farmers for certification.

•Getting easily accessible and analyzable data on the sustainability performance of producers in a supply chain.

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Farms for the Future work process


The program extends at least for three years following this simple process:

01-Priorities and desired outcomes.png

Farmers and buyers, supported by SAN, define their sustainability priorities and related outcomes.


An assessment of the priorities identified is conducted at the relevant level (farm, groups of farms, landscape).

03-Farmer support.png

Based on a root cause analysis of the results of the diagnostic, customized action plans are designed, approved and implemented to support farmers improve and achieve the outcomes.  


A monitoring system provides transparency with regards to the progress towards the desired outcomes.


Farmers and buyers can make reliable claims about the outcomes achieved.


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