Deforestation free production


Forests are the planet’s best defense against climate change, yet conventional agriculture is one of the leading causes of deforestation and greenhouse gases emissions. Deforestation accounts for roughly 12% of worldwide GHG emissions; the land-use sector – which includes farming, forestry and other activities – contributes about 30%.


Deforestation impacts are also directly related to the catastrophic loss of biodiversity, destruction of natural ecosystems, the capacity to recharge clean water springs, and of course the quality of life for both, urban and rural communities. Recognizing this growing problem and the consumer’s interest in this issue, hundreds of the world’s largest companies have publicly committed to remove deforestation from their commodity production and supply chains.

Commitments fall into a variety of categories, from those promising a complete elimination of deforestation or net-zero deforestation, to those promising to implement specific activities – such as protecting peatlands or High Conservation Value areas, to simply ensuring that commodities are sourced and produced sustainably.

How to address this issue

SAN believes that agricultural activities do not need to contribute to deforestation, so we have specifically developed a unique set of tools to help farms accomplish this. Our strategies help protect natural ecosystems, conserve or restore tress and native vegetation, grow shade-tolerant crops and increase overall farm resilience. The set of actions used to both minimize and eliminate deforestation from value chains, depends on an individual company’s or organizations commitments and goals. Some of the most effective practices include:

  • Protecting and not destroying natural ecosystems
  • Maintenance and restoration of native vegetation on farms, including shade tree cover for tolerant crops and live fences
  • Implementation of agroforestry systems
  • Existence of and establishment of vegetated zones adjacent to aquatic ecosystems

SAN Support

To help farms and businesses fulfill their commitments to be Deforestation-Free, we design customized solutions including a range of Assurance Services such as diagnostics, assessments, definition of indicators, monitoring and evaluation. We also report on the status of well-managed farms in relation to the prevention of deforestation and restoration of natural ecosystems.

We provide Capacity Development assistance such as coaching and on-the-ground training. We conduct this across multiple farm management and ecosystem protection issues. In addition, we implement Innovation & Change projects to integrate private and public sector groups, and multi-stakeholder dialogues. Through these projects, we help deliver programs to increase and deepen deforestation-free commitments and to further protect forests at regional and/or multinational levels.