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Fundatia Adept

Fundatia Adept

We want to give high value nature grasslands and communities an economic future and relevance in the 21st century without sacrificing their sustainability and productivity.

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Mission Statement

Fundația Adept is a biodiversity conservation and rural development NGO based in Saschiz, Romania. It is one of the leading NGOs promoting the understanding of the natural, cultural and economic importance of grassland in Romania.

Geographic Scope

Fundatia Adept focuses its work in the Târnava Mare area, in southern Transylvania, in Romania, in the triangle between the historic cities of Sibiu, Sighişoara and Braşov.

Work Areas

Biodiversity conservation. Fundatia Adept gives priority to creating long-term incentives for traditional land management, as it is the best way to preserve biodiversity. Their aim is to improve the future for agriculture and to increase the incomes of farmers, yet ensuring that nature conservation has a central role in countryside management.

Community development. The organization gives as high a priority to the survival of small-scale farming communities as it does to biodiversity conservation. Fundatia Adept is implementing a range of measures to create demand for products, and to boost local income from agriculture, which improves the economic viability of small-scale farming.

Farming. Fundatia Adept is promoting farmer participation in agri-environment schemes, and has advised on the design of these schemes in Romania. It is carrying out specific research on the management of high nature value grasslands.

Innovation. The organization is carrying out various integrated and innovative policies for increasing the economic viability of small-scale farms, communities and landscapes.

Fundatia Adept’s mission is to protect the high nature value farmed landscapes of Transylvania, working with and supporting the small-scale farming communities that created them and maintain them today.

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