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Red de Acción en Agricultura Alternativa (RAAA)

Red de Acción en Agricultura Alternativa (RAAA)

We are dedicated to advising on the implementation of agroecological systems and promoting agribusiness in the development of ecological products, the design and formulation of sustainable production projects, and the strengthening of local leadership for advocacy actions in favor of sustainable agriculture.

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Mission Statement

The Alternative Agriculture Action Network (RAAA in Spanish) is a Peruvian non-governmental organization. In turn, a decentralized national network with more than 60 members, specialized in promoting and developing sustainable agriculture, carries out public advocacy, capacity building, and research in agroecology and conservation of the environment. It also promotes technological innovations' participatory development as a sustainable rural development strategy with equity and a gender focus.

Geographic Scope

Headquarters in Lima, but its work covers all of Peru.

Work Areas

  • Capacity building in agroecology

  • Ecological soil management

  • Ecological management of pests and diseases

  • Sustainable management of agrobiodiversity

  • Production of solid and liquid organic fertilizers

  • Formulation and Financing of Business Plans for Agroecological Products.

We are a decentralized national network with experience in facilitating social articulation processes, through citizen awareness actions, training, and research in the rural sector about environmental problems in agriculture and the development of sustainable agriculture, thus generating political changes. and social in favor of the development of agroecology and the conservation of the environment

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