Fruit Logistica findings


In early February, Fruit Logistica, the world's largest trade fair for fruit trade, was held in Germany. SAN was present to gather valuable information about trends and interests of producers and buyers. These are the main findings:

  • There is a clear need for support of farmers to get ready for certification and addressing certain hotspots such as climate change and use of fertilizer and pesticides.
  • Certification is observed as a must-have demanded by the market, but for many farmers (specially smallholders) very difficult to reach. The motivation is for market access, it means being able to sell to US/European markets; instead of talking about wider benefits.
  • Main challenges to be addressed are social issues, climate change, corruption (related to use of cooperation and government funds) and pesticide use (from economic and risks point of view).

Critical needs

  • Supporting producers to improve their cultivation/farming methods both to meet the requirements demanded by the global market (e. g. to be able to apply for certification); and to become more resilient through efficient use of resources such as water, adapting to climate change, better application of fertilizer and pesticides.