Secretariat and SAN members working together


In recent months, the SAN presented and obtained two ISEAL Innovations Fund projects, which were designed by the Secretariat but will be implemented in part by SAN members in their own countries.

FIIT is supporting the in-country research on forced labour drivers and issues in Guatemala through stakeholder outreach and interviews, as part of the “Integrating new data to improve risk assessments and detection of forced labour in agricultural supply chains” project, led by SAN and collaborating with UTZ/RA.

The other project, called “Which pesticide?” App, will include this year technicians of Fundación Natura Colombia to test the Spanish version of the app in Colombia before its official launch. ProNaturaSur/ABC México will collaborate for Mexico, and IMAFLORA will engage in similar testing activities for Brazil.

The App will transparently display the toxicity and standards’ restriction status of more than 700 active pesticide ingredients, as well as information about less toxic registered alternatives and Integrated Pest Management methods for five pilot countries: Colombia, México, Brazil, India and South Africa.

SAN and IMAFLORA have been in exploratory conversations with PECSA, a sustainable cattle ranching company operating in the Brazilian Amazon. The goal is to work together to provide assurance and support services to their operations. They currently sell beef to McDonalds in Brazil and are looking for a partner that can add more value to them by supporting continuous improvement of their farms. IMAFLORA would lead the field activities, based on SAN’s electronic platforms and systems.