SAN’s International Platform engagements


FONAP: The German Forum on Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) is focused on certification for palm oil in the short term but have developed certain areas in which they see the need to go beyond RSPO (e.g., on deforestation). They are heavily focused on Malaysia and Indonesia but also be interested to learn more from the Americas - Colombia and Brazil particularly. FONAP is interested to receive proposal concepts for collaborative projects at the General Assembly in May.


Juice CSR: SAN joined Juice CSR in Q4 2017. The platform is led by the Juice Industry Association ( Current working groups are focused on Orange-Brazil; Thailand-Pineapple and Apples-Poland.  SAN is engaged in dialogue with members of the platform to identify how the SAN can support . Many of the Platform members are focused on the SAI Platform FSA Tool as a benchmark for their sustainability journey and others have specifically focused on Rainforest Alliance and/or Fairtrade.