New SAN program manager in India


Prashanth Muniyappa is SAN's new programme manager in India and is a key role in supporting the delivery of SAN mission and in its transition to new focus areas and opportunities. 

India is a diverse country with big challenges and many opportunities related to sustainable agriculture, so we need a knowledgeable, experienced and local presence. Prashanth will guide the SAN in its work in India in finding locally focused and effective approaches on key sustainability challenges in agriculture and building relationships and a network of local organisations and individuals in India. Read more

Prashanth joined SAN team in August and he’s also part of the SAN-NESTLE Responsible Spices partnership team and is a key part of the work on the ground in India. He is supporting all our work with suppliers and local partners for baseline assessments and program design and implementation.

Prashanth is a sustainable agriculture development specialist with 16+ years experience.  Has designed, implemented and managed projects focused on sustainable agriculture and livelihoods with hands-on expertise in value and supply chain development, strengthening professional associations, sustainable agriculture standards, best practices and technologies for reducing soil erosion, improving water quality, watershed management, and organic farming.  He has also headed the Bonsucro standard implementation for sugarcane in India and is very familiar with SAN already through all this past agriculture-related experience.