SAN gets more projects, now with Nestlé EU and GIZ


In the last quarter, the SAN got contracts to develop projects with Nestlé, in the European Union, and with the Germany´s development cooperation, GIZ, in Central American and the Caribbean.

SAN and Nestlé, in association with Fundación Global Nature (FGN), signed a 2 year partnership agreement (June 2018- June 2020) to support Nestle’s Vegetables Responsible Sourcing Program on crops like tomatoes, onions, carrots, spinach, bell peppers and parsley, among others. The collaboration aims to ensure respect of ethical standards and reduce the impact of agricultural practices on the environment within Nestlé's processed vegetables supply chain.

The main objectives of the SAN - FGN- Nestle Partnership for Vegetables Responsible Sourcing are to ensure the program delivers transparency in the supply chain, that ethical standards are respected and deliver activities beyond “business as usual” that help enhance biodiversity in and around farmland, improve soil heath, optimise water use, reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption and minimise impacts from nutrients, agrochemicals and waste . More information about this project will be published soon.

During this last quarter, SAN also got a tender from the Germany´s development cooperation, GIZ, to develop a practical evaluation tool that helps increase knowledge about the contributions of biodiversity to agricultural production and improve the implementation of good farming practices.

The “Biodiversity Check Agrícola” project will be developed by March 2019 within the framework of the GIZ’s Biodiversity and Business Program in Central America and the Dominican Republic, and will provide effective support so that the agricultural sector of the region can rethink its activity in light of the value of conserving biodiversity, understanding it not as a cost, but rather as a generator of multiple benefits at the farm level and of landscape.