SAN and Fundación Natura Colombia invited to present a proposal for the ISEAL Innovations Fund 2018 Challenge Theme


In August, the ISEAL Innovations Fund approved a concept note submitted by SAN, in partnership with Fundación Natura, Fund, Augura and Fedepalma, related to a project to promote sustainability at landscape level in the Magdalena Department in Colombia, and provided a small grant for a full project preparation.

The complete proposal, called “Optimizing the evaluation of landscape sustainability – development of an evaluation framework for territories piloted in the banana and oil palm dominated municipality of Zona Bananera, Departamento Magdalena, Colombia” will be presented to ISEAL this October.

The ISEAL’s Grant Decision Making Committee reviewed the 18 concept notes that were submitted to the fund and nine concepts were awarded project preparation grants. In our case, the committee recognized the value of a multi-level approach to verification and the learning around the development of a new financial product aimed at the landscape level.

The multi-year project proposed aims to optimize the strategy to measure sustainability and demonstrate changes achieved at the landscape level, facilitating the scaling of sustainable production, as well as generating a practical planning tool for the agricultural sector oriented to the sustainability of the territory. If the proposal is awarded with the grant, implementation phase will begin in 2019.