SAN as a network driven organization


As part of the strategic analysis of the new SAN priorities, the Secretariat identified at the beginning of this year the need to have greater coordination and closer work with its members, as well as to develop a clearer value proposition for the network.

Between May and June, the Secretariat had individual meetings with each member to better understand their opinion and expectations, but above all, the areas where the SAN can add value to each one. 

The results of the meetings were very positive, not only because the new role of the Secretariat was defined  and supported: “to build and empower a global network of local organizations that work with producers and communities to transform agriculture into a sustainable activity;” but also because the members agreed with the priority areas in which the SAN can and must add value:

  • Promote and facilitate access to projects (national and regional)
  • Provide tools, especially technology, to support local work
  • Open spaces for the exchange of knowledge and experiences

Summary of the SAN members' main comments


    Value expected from SAN by its members

    • International representation
    • Attraction of regional projects
    • Development of innovative technical tools
    • Training spaces, exchange of knowledge and experiences
    • Shared vision about how to support producers
    • Institutional development
    • Connection with large companies
    • Connection between local and international organizations

    Value the SAN members can add to SAN

    • Local experience at the farm level and along the value chain
    • Technical capacity, expert teams in various subjects
    • Representation of the SAN at a local and international level
    • Joint development of projects
    • Data collection and knowledge to share with the network
    • Sharing ideas and contacts with companies and donors
    • Support in fundraising
    • Development of pilots for testing SAN tools