Farms for the Future, coming soon


In September, the SAN will launch its anchor program "Farms for the Future," aiming to deliver greater impact and closer to our members.

In order to guarantee that we will have the best program, a technical launch began in July for the SAN Technical Community (more than 300 experts worldwide). Our members’ technical teams are participating in this launching through the digital platform that the Secretariat developed to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge.

The objective of this technical launch is to collect the opinions and comments of the Technical Community to incorporate the necessary improvements in the program before it is public.

The technicians participating in this process, which will be extended during the month of July and beginning of August, will be able to make their contributions through the open forums in the Intelligence Hub (iHub), where a series of explanatory materials about Farms for the Future are also available.

"Farms for the Future" is a program designed by the SAN to generate a positive impact on the ground by supporting producers to achieve specific sustainability objectives and providing transparency about their performance.

The program is coordinated by the SAN and implemented through our network of local partners and technicians. Its objective is to work with producers and buyers through a continuous improvement approach, providing support to address the key challenges faced by agricultural production throughout the world and offering transparency regarding the progress and impacts achieved.