SAN presence at international level


In the last quarter, SAN has participated in several international events such as the ISEAL Global Conference in Brazil, the Global Bamboo and Rattan Congress in China, and the Dialogue on Sustainable Landscapes in Mesoamerica, exposing the organization's proposals to address the sustainability in the most effective way.

In the case of the ISEAL Global Conference, we identified that the majority of the discussions among that community still revolve around certification, although there were some different voices this year, challenging the movement to evolve and significantly change how it does things. Some highlights of the conference were:

  • The importance of technology and data is being increasingly recognized by ISEAL members and the broader sustainability community. This is a priority area for SAN, which has been investing in its Intelligence Hub over the past several months.
  • Growing recognition about the need to contextualize sustainability interventions and for continuous improvement approaches.
  • As the SDGs are increasingly becoming the reference for sustainability, it is crucial that SAN and its members are able to link their solutions to these goals. In this regard, we published an article on the relationship between our Sustainable Agriculture Framework and the SDGs.
  • Criticism about the effectiveness of certification in reaching small producers.
  • Growing awareness that producers are not properly represented in ISEAL members initiatives.
  • Rehabilitation of degraded land is considered to become a key topic in the coming years.