Data management of the ELO program for Raízen sugar cane farms in Brazil


Raízen, Brazil’s leading producer of sugarcane ethanol and the largest individual exporter of cane sugar in the international market, started using the SAN Intelligence Hub (iHub) to manage the data obtained from the verifications of more than 600 farms participating in the ELO sustainability program in different regions of the country.

For this project, the iHub was customized in order to collect information about compliance of ELO indicators, develop personalized forms, as well as individual and consolidated reports. The SAN has worked on monitoring the process and giving support to the access and management of the system by the auditors and managers in charge of collecting the information.

The ELO program establishes rules for the productive chain in the field and draws incentives for farmers, adding impartiality and inducing continuous improvement in the practices of Raízen regional producers and managers.

The project has been executed in collaboration with Imaflora, who’s in charge of performing the audits on the sites and farms of the organization, using the tools provided by the iHub. Imaflora gathers the necessary information to be pre-loaded to the iHub; its technical team complete the evaluations and finally create the reports with the results of those evaluations. All of this, using the iHub.

This kind of project is relevant for SAN because we believe technology has a key role in the improvement of agriculture. There are still large organizations relying on paper and pencil, or over complex processes for their data management and improvement practices, but using the iHub facilitates the information digitalization and analysis under different perspectives and according to each organization priorities.