“Pesticides & Alternatives”- APP to support reduction of pesticide use and risks


At the beginning of the year, the SAN got an ISEAL Innovations grant to develop, together with the IPM Coalition, an App that helps producers in different continents to reduce the use of pesticides and choose the best options when these substances should be used.

This technological project, which will be completed in February 2019, was a challenge that the SAN decided to face with the support of Oregon State University's Integrated Plant Protection Center (OSU-IPPC) and the members of the IPM coalition: BCI, Bonsucro, Fairtrade, FSC, GEO Foundation, Global Coffee Platform, RSB and UTZ.

The “Pesticides & Alternatives” App is specially designed to support a significant reduction of the use of highly toxic pesticides and their related risks. In its first stage it will be available for Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico and Kenya.

The App is targeted for technical decision-makers of farms, fields and forests. It provides:

  • A list of more than 700 pesticide active ingredients with toxicity information from government authorities or academic institutions.

  • The restriction status for eight standard systems of these pesticide active ingredients in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

  • All registered pesticides for a crop and pest species for Mexico and India, as well as per crop variety for Brazil, Colombia and Kenya.

  • Non-chemical pest control alternatives from CABI for 2.700 pest species.