With Imaflora’s support, the SAN iHub got its first external client


Thanks to the support of Imaflora, the SAN-iHub already has its first external customer, it is Raízen, the main manufacturer of ethanol from sugarcane in Brazil, and the largest individual exporter of cane sugar in the international market.

As part of the work that Imaflora is already doing with Raízen, the iHub is now being used to keep track of the organization and its operations, crops, projects and evaluations.

For the evaluations, the SAN team uploaded an evaluation scheme called Smart Elo into the iHub, and the qualification of the farms is being done through a personalized evaluation tool developed for them.

The objective is to create a diagnostic of the sustainability state of approximately 520 farms under this scheme (Smart Elo) and try to make a full evaluation of all the Raízen farms next year.

The work began in September, with sugarcane farms in the regions of Jaú, Piracicaba and Brotas.

This project is allowing us to do a complete quality test of the iHub to detect improvement areas for future projects.