The new SAN advances at a steady pace in its new path


Welcome to our 1st 2019 SAN Bulletin. We are sure this will be a year full of good news and a lot of positive work for our network.

In this edition, we want to share a review of the most important events and achievements  we lived in 2018, starting with a goodbye message from Andre de Freitas, who was our executive director for six years.

“2018 was a transition year, in which we built some important foundations for SAN’s new phase of institutional development. We renewed our commitment to being a network organization, explicitly defining that the mission of the SAN Secretariat is to build and strengthen a global network of nonprofit organizations working to transform agriculture. To deliver on this purpose, SAN must focus on tools, systems and opportunities that add value to its members and we decided to adopt technology and information solutions as central to the value proposition of the organization.”

In addition, we have launched our new flagship program, Farms for the Future, which combines assurance and support for farmers, backed by a strong IT foundation to better manage data and deliver efficiencies on the ground. We have also devoted significant resources to building relationships with the private sector. While we believe this is a long-term effort, we were already able to land a couple of important multi-year projects with Nestle, in addition to a few different small ones with other companies.

We expect 2019 to be a transition year for SAN as well. Key points to highlight are the hiring of a new Executive Director to continue with the evolution of the organization, the delivery on existing key projects, the expansion of the SAN membership, and stronger focus on adding value to members through programs like Farms for the Future and the Ihub, SAN’s technology platform.

I want to end by thanking the members and the SAN team for all their hard work and commitment to the organization. You are a fantastic group of people and it has been a great pleasure to work with you over these last 6 years. I will miss dearly the many friends I have made in this journey and will continue to cheer the organization onwards from the sidelines!

Andre de Freitas