SAN-Nestlé Spices Responsible Sourcing Partnership


In July, SAN and Nestlé signed their first partnership, a three year collaboration for the design and building of a sustainability system to create positive outcomes in priority spice supply chains. This collaboration will support Nestlé to identify the origins of its four priority spices (chilli, cumin, coriander and turmeric) and implement mechanisms that can build positive impact for farmers, communities and the environment, beyond a compliance focused certification approach.

Initially the program’s fieldwork will take place in India within four states and with 3 suppliers to scope and design the solutions tailored for each location and crop until December 2020.

SAN believes that transforming agriculture requires work at scale. By engaging with Nestlé across its entire spices supply chain and seeking collaborations with other international buyers we can create the scale necessary to deliver impact.

The program contributes to transform agriculture by working directly with spices suppliers to develop and implement good agricultural practices to target impacts related, for example, to the reduction of agrochemicals’ use and improvement of soil and nutrient management, amongst others.

Nestlé’s goal to work beyond the farm-by-farm approach to contribute to improved livelihoods and support local communities will take different forms in different locations to ensure it is relevant to the local need. This could include soil nutrient testing equipment and co-financing potable water systems that benefit farmers and communities beyond Nestlé supply chains, improvements in migrant worker conditions and services and supporting diversification of income for farmers and communities.  The specific interventions and support will depend on local need. 

SAN does not yet have any members in India. This program is enabling us to build and develop relationships with organizations that we aim will become SAN members in future.