Development and instrumentation of the "Biodiversity Check Agrícola" tool


In August, and jointly with the Germany´s development cooperation, GIZ, the SAN secretariat started a project for developing a voluntary tool called “Biodiversity Check Agrícola”.

The "Biodiversity Check Agrícola" will serve as an evaluation and monitoring tool, but also as a practical guide that, on a voluntary basis, farm managers can apply to improve the conservation of biodiversity inside and outside their land, so it can deliver positive impacts at the landscape level.

The project will end in March 2019 and it will benefit farms and producers and their neighboring stakeholders in the production landscape of banana (Costa Rica), pineapple (Dominican Republic) and sugarcane (Guatemala).

This project allows SAN to apply all its knowledge in the management and conservation of biodiversity and put it at the service of another kind of voluntary and practical tool that is supported by an international cooperation agency to be used by a wide variety of producers in different countries.