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Our technical hub


Andre de Freitas
Excecutive Director

Silvia Rioja
Technical Manager

Geovanna Rojas
Finance & Administration Mngr.

Cecilia Ortiz
Executive Assistant

Thomas Divney
Technical Director

Catalina Mora
Technical Specialist

Enzo Jiménez
IT Coordinator

Catalina Rivera
Administrative Assistant

Jessica Chalmers
Programme & Partnerships Mngr.

María Angélica Bonilla
Technical Specialist

José Pablo Rodríguez
IT Specialist


Oliver Bach
Technical Manager

Nancy De Lemos
Communications & Marketing Mngr.

Xinia Morales


Our field team


Our network of members allows us to have a direct relationship and knowledge about the situation of agriculture in various regions. We also have a technical network (trainers, auditors and advisors) ready to implement projects in America and Africa.



The Sustainable Agriculture Network works using a participatory, decision-making process with stakeholders. This structure enables credible consensus building and encourages democratic, inclusive and transparent discussions.

Our governing bodies are:

General Assembly:
The General Assembly consists of all members of the network and it is the supreme authority of SAN. It has one representative for each one of the member organizations and elects the SAN Board of Directors. General Assemblies are held at least once a year.

Board of Directors:
The SAN is administered by a Board of Directors, composed of a maximum of 12 representatives of the members elected by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors approves the annual plans, goals and strategies of the organization. Board members serve three-year terms and their re-election is subject to a vote by the General Assembly. The Board of Directors meets at least twice a year.

The Secretariat executes the decisions made by the SAN Board. Its main functions are to administer the daily operations of the SAN, facilitate communication, promote cooperation with existing initiatives, coordinate support activities and oversee efficient implementation of SAN services.

Members of the Board of Directors and General Assembly

Jonathan Barnard (RSPB -UK)

Laura Prada (Imaflora -Brazil)

Elsa Matilde Escobar (Fundación Natura Colombia)

Board Members:
Alcides Andrade (ICADE –Honduras)
Hando Hain (NepCon –Denmark)
Miguel Araujo (SalvaNatura –El Salvador)
Lucia Jurado (FIIT –Guatemala)
Melanie Bayo (CEFCA –Ivory Coast)

Romeo Domínguez (Pronatura Sur -México)

Nigel Sizer (Rainforest Alliance -USA)
Paul Matiku (Nature Kenya).

Executive Director:
Andre de Freitas