Our work model


We foster sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation and improved rural livelihoods on and beyond farms through the application of SAN technical services, expertise, and knowledge by local partners.

SAN technical solutions are backed by more than 20 years of experience in best practices and standards development and implementation, impacts identification and monitoring, certification and assessment system design and operation, and training and capacity development.


We use a simple and efficient work model that always seeks to deliver verifiable results.


Step 1: Understand the challenge


Define expected outcomes by opening a dialogue to identify challenges and problems to solve.

We work with organizations to define desired sustainability outcomes, what needs to be done to achieve them, and the indicators of success. This step includes diagnostics and needs and gaps analyses. We help define outcomes through a variety of techniques, including theory of change and stakeholder consultation processes. Our diagnostics can also be employed for due diligence of social, environmental, occupational health and safety, worker rights and conditions, and community natural resource situations.


Step 2: Ideate and plan a solution


Choice and test of the best tools and joint construction of an effective action plan.

We design and field test sustainability solutions including standards, codes of conduct, and best practices; producer assessment systems; landscape approaches; risk identification and management; training and capacity building programs; results monitoring, evaluation and reporting systems; and supply chain traceability and mapping.


Step 3: Implement actions


Fieldwork through our local members’ network.

Once designed and tested, we can help implement solutions directly or through SAN's local partners, supply chain and rural community members, or any combination of these. We provide support for solution implementation as well as to those stakeholders that help farmers achieve sustainability outcomes. SAN wholeheartedly believes that educated producers make the best suppliers.


Step 4: Measure and report results


Agile monitoring and evaluation system embedded in everything we do.

Data and knowledge management is an integral component of SAN solutions for advancing sustainability. All our projects include continual performance assessment and monitoring and evaluation components to be able to adjust and improve any solution at any time, as well as to report performance and results to clients and beneficiaries.


Each SAN action plan is unique and is designed with the best combination of technical tools from our Sustainability Solutions.