Catalina Mora

Technical Coordinator

Catalina has an engineering degree in Agronomic Sciences with an emphasis on Rational Natural Resources Management from EARTH University in Costa Rica, and in 2017 got her Master’s Degree on Regional Integration and Development from Rafael Landívar University (Guatemala), after finishing her investigation thesis on Regional Agricultural Policies and Climate Change.

Catalina joined SAN in 2015 to be in charge of the development of training materials and collaborate with the organization of training events and meetings. Currently, she is part of the technical unit as lead expert on low-impact agriculture initiatives, particularly in the areas of livestock production, cropping and management systems, agricultural environmental impacts and public policy. She is also the lead expert on agricultural research design and methodologies, and provides expert support to other SAN projects, activities and initiatives.

Before joining SAN, Catalina worked in California (USA) as a Strategy Analyst for a company that commercializes agricultural goods from around the world (Frieda’s Inc.), and also worked as an extension agent for the Costa Rican government and a public university, in programs to support smallholders and rural livelihoods

Currently, and in addition to her role at SAN, she teaches a course at a public university in Costa Rica (UNED): “Commitments for Sustainable Development”; and regularly participates as an advisor for the Ethics and Values Commission of the General Comptroller of the Republic on environmental issues. She is based in Costa Rica.