Thomas Divney

Technical Director

Tom leads our Technical Unit in the conceptualization, design and implementation of cutting edge solutions to make agriculture more sustainable. His focus is on agile and robust field assessment practices, landscape and supply chain approaches to sustainability, and organizational development. He joined SAN in 2014 as technical assistance manager and in 2015 became the director of assurance and support, guiding SAN’s certification management operations and technical community learning efforts.

Tom is a US expatriate that has lived and worked in Costa Rica for more than 30 years, and has professional experience in 18 countries. Prior to joining SAN, he worked for a commercial tropical fruit producer and trader, and for international NGOs and for-profit organizations in the natural resources and environmental sectors.

Tom has a MS in Forestry from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from the University of Costa Rica, as well certifications in human resource management and different certification systems. He is based in Costa Rica.