Program Vision

 “To ensure transparency on origins and progressively deliver positive impacts for Farmer communities, the Planet and the Business within our spices supply chain” 

The program initiated by Nestlé is co-designed with SAN to strengthen consumers’ trust by knowing where ingredients come from and how are they made. 

Program Goals


Where the spices we buy are identified from the Nestlé factory back to the farm’s areas of origin. For this program the focus is on chilli, coriander, turmeric and cumin. 

Responsibly Sourced 

Spices delivered to Nestlé factories, sourced from suppliers, farms and communities engaged in the Responsible Sourcing Spices Program operations and progress plans or from recognized equivalent standards and programs.

Learn more about how Nestlé is supporting sustainability and respoinsibile sourcing of spices here https://www.nestle.com/csv/raw-materials/spices


How does the program work?

 In order to meet these key goals the Nestlé’s Spices Responsible Sourcing program has five phases, will be piloted in 2019 and fully functional and replicable by 2020. 


Baseline assessments to understand needs and priorities.

Outcomes and indicators are tailored to meet local context.

Read here the Framework with the Program's Goals, Outcomes and Criteria.

Tailored approaches and activities designed to deliver progress within each local context.

Continuous progress reporting against the baseline situation in key impact areas.

Verification, monitoring and evaluation.


Crops covered by the program

The Responsible Sourcing Program has started with four key spices for Nestlé products. These spices give flavor and aroma to food all around the world, and are produced mostly by smallholders and family farmers.

Click on each photo to know more about the crop and its sustainability challenges.

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Where are we working?

Agriculture is the most important sector of Indian economy, representing 18% of India's GDP and providing employment to 50% of the countries workforce.

The Responsible Sourcing Program is focused on four states and 13 districts were spices production is key for local economy.

The program starts off by covering 20% of the total volume of spices purchased by Nestlé in India.


Why we work here

the program intends to deliver positive impact related to Resilient Livelihoods, Environmental Sustainability of Farms, Safe Living and Working Conditions, and Human and Workers’ Rights. Some of the key issues we’re found on the ground and are trying to address through the program are:

Water scarcity and migration

Health and nutrition

Living conditions of migrant workers

Integrated Pest Management

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Learn more about the role of women in spices production in India


Supplier partners


Nestlé is part of the Sustainable Spices Initiative India