Sustainability Solutions


Simple solutions for unique challenges

We foster sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation and improved rural livelihoods on and beyond farms through the application of SAN technical solutions, expertise, and knowledge by local partners.

When a supply chain or organization is not ready to embark on a 3-year improvement process, within the framework of the
Farms for the Future program, SAN can support them with specific solutions to address sustainability and management challenges.

The SAN Solutions are backed by more than 20 years of experience in best practices and standards development and implementation, impacts identification and monitoring, certification and assessment system design and operation, and capacity development.

Every SAN Solution uses a simple and efficient work model that always seeks to deliver verifiable results.


Our work process

Understand the challenge


Open dialogue to identify challenges and problems to solve.

Ideate and plan a solution


Choice of the best tools and joint construction of an effective action plan

Implement actions


Fieldwork through our network of local members

Measure and report results


Agile monitoring and evaluation system embedded in everything we do


Our solutions

SAN strives for simple, proven solutions to leverage sustainability, weaving together its technical expertise and deep sustainability knowledge base, and local partner experience and knowledge. We offer an array of solutions and services that include:

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Tailored standards and assurance packages

SAN draws on its 20+ years in standard development and certification management to design and build company codes and best practices; supplier assessment systems; and landscape, supply chain, industry and jurisdictional sustainability approaches.

We use our SAN Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAN-SAF) as the foundation for our standards and assurance work, and can narrow the focus to the issues that concern partners. We also provide independent evaluation and troubleshooting of existing certification and assessment systems, or due diligence for a variety of needs.

Our flexible assurance packages enable organizations to better verify and track the performance of their suppliers and service providers, minimizing risks and building more resilient value chains.

Organizations and companies working with us set goals according to their own priorities to address key challenges and we act as an ally, helping them to achieve and measure progress. All our work is based on transparent commitments, targets and reporting of achievements.

On-the-ground solutions

Using our four-phase work model, we work with producers, companies, rural communities, and other stakeholders to design and implement training and support programs on the ground, form and strengthen producer and community organizations, map suppliers, and assess sustainability performance. Each program is organized as an individual project that can flex and be adapted depending on our partners’ needs.

Monitoring, evaluation, data analysis and results reporting underpin all of these activities to provide a precise picture of sustainability performance in issues related to good agricultural practices, quality and productivity, farm management, integrated pest management (IPM), occupational health and safety, preparation for certification, among others.


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