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Sascha Tischer

Stakeholder Relations Representative, EU

With a journalistic background, Sascha has more than 25 years’ experience in the fields of institutional affairs, advocacy, and communications, with a special focus on sustainability, food, raw materials/crops, and agriculture, as well as agroforestry. Committed to supporting nature conservation, environmental protection, and empowerment of local communities, Sascha has visited some sixty countries around the world.

His work frequently involves initiating, accompanying, or responding to campaigns, as well as leading stakeholder dialogue sessions and consultation roundtables with diverse groups, institutions, and individual actors, while also managing messaging and storytelling. Sascha increasingly receives invitations to host and moderate expert panel discussions as well as other public and semi-public events in the German-speaking markets.

As a SAN delegate, he also serves as an elected Board Member and currently holds the position of Vice Chair of the FONAP Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil, a multi-stakeholder platform in Germany which addresses the key hot spots in the palm oil sector and the challenges facing the industry. He also represents SAN on the multi-stakeholder initiative PANAO, the German Partnership for Sustainable Orange Juice.

Sascha runs his own institutional affairs and communications consultancy with a business partner in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main metropolitan area.

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