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Our resolutions for sustainable agriculture in 2023

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

As many people around the world kick off 2023 with excitement or reflection, we too are determined to make this year one of transformation, for sustainable agriculture and for the sake of food, nature, and rural communities.

We are galvanized by the new opportunities ahead to advance sustainable and regenerative agriculture alongside smallholder farmers, corporations, institutions, governments, and foundations.

As a global collaborative network, our commitment to support positive changes in supply chains, rural families and livelihoods that depend on agriculture pushes us to continue to innovate and foster partnerships for local action that contributes to global impact.

Here are some of our resolutions for sustainable agriculture in 2023:

Promote healthy ecosystems that help pollinators thrive

With biodiversity loss being one of the three most critical crises humanity faces today, we are convinced that sustainable and regenerative agriculture are urgent tools to nurture pollinator-friendly habitats. Birds, insects, mammals, and other species play important roles in agriculture as well as in maintaining nature’s balance. Therefore, methods like integrated pest management and minimizing the use of chemical pesticides are crucial to secure the future of the food we eat, the communities that provide it and the planet on which we live.

Support agribusinesses to achieve their sustainability goals

More than ever before, corporations in the agricultural sector are setting ambitious sustainability goals and striving to comply with existing and coming regulations. Partnering with organizations that can provide experience, expertise, and tailor-made solutions that contribute to achieving those goals is as critical for good business as it is for nature and rural communities. Our successful experiences supporting leading food corporations are proof that we are ideal and trusted partners for the sector in their journey towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Foster climate-smart solutions for farming communities

Our signature program TerraViva is piloting in the municipality of Planadas, in the Tolima department of Colombia, thanks to the support of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) of the UK Government. With a strong consortium of partners, we are combining local knowledge with international expertise and the commitment of the coffee-farming villages to empower smallholder farmers to build a climate-smart territorial agenda for this region, which works to strengthen their livelihoods as well as to regenerate nature.

Grow globally as a collaborative impact network

With five new members joining our network by the end of 2022, we are now a 27-member strong global network. We are always looking for organizations that believe in the power of collaboration, thinking globally and acting locally. SAN’s global collaborative network strengthens and empowers its members by enabling access to projects, funding, knowledge, and technological tools, and by enhancing visibility and credibility. Our members are at the heart of what we do.

Establish partnerships for regenerative agriculture

To address humanity’s most pressing crises - climate change, poverty and inequality, and biodiversity loss - we need to mainstream sustainable and regenerative agriculture. This will only be possible if we work collaboratively across geographies, sectors, and industries, and dedicate our talents and resources to doing so. We are convinced of the power of collaboration for transformational change, and as such, we call on businesses, institutions, governments, and other organizations to join us in the quest for a better and more sustainable future for food, nature, and rural communities.

The way our food is grown is broken. You too can help make today’s agriculture better for families, communities, and the planet. Sign up to receive our newsletter and support our global collaborative network.

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