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SAN and key partners launch community-led landscape initiative TerraViva

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

Thanks to a consortium of key partners and the financial support of the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs of the UK Government, SAN has launched the initial pilot phase of its signature program TerraViva in Colombia.

Starting August 2022, TerraViva for Nature and People will run an inception phase aimed at testing its concept of developing a sustainable landscape management agenda in a rural community in Colombia, the world’s leading producer of washed Arabica coffee.

What sets TerraViva apart?

Unlike other landscape approaches, TerraViva recognizes local capacities and a strong base of governance as important assets to work with and achieve effective territory management.

Its community-led approach intends to create a common vision and purpose from the perspective of local stakeholders, leading to collective solutions that balance social, economic and environmental goals.

TerraViva relies on a strong governance and multi-stakeholder platform. The commitment of communities, civil society organizations, the private sector, investors and local governments allows for buy-in of systemic interventions that make sustainability widely present across entire regions, not just on isolated farms.

Through TerraViva, business models developed for the region recognize ecosystem services and their revenue potential for rural communities, creating lasting value well beyond the life of the project.

Learn more about TerraViva and stay connected to get more updates on this landmark initiative for rural landscapes.

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