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Photo Gallery | Throwback to our last General Assembly

More than three years of virtual meetings later, SAN members from around the world got together on April 24-27 in Badajoz, Spain, for SAN's 2023 General Assembly. The gathering marked a milestone in the development of SAN as a global impact network, and it was an invaluable opportunity to share in person with our member organizations, being able to learn from each other, and finding new and effective ways of collaborating to make agriculture one of the most effective strategies to restore our planet and society.

Check this photo gallery to get a glimpse of the event, including meetings, field visits, workshops, and cultural activities.

In pictures: Ariel Zorrilla (Preferred by Nature), Reza Azmi (Wild Asia), Neil Willsher and Dennis Rangi (CABI), Eduardo Trevisan (Imaflora), Clara Solano (Fundación Natura), Mélanie Bayo (CEFCA), Alcides Andrade (ICADE), Paul Matiku (Nature Kenya), Richard Dixon (RSPB), Eduardo de Miguel, Jordi Domingo and Ana Martínez (Fundación Global Nature), Luis Gomero (RAAA), Lucía Jurado (FIIT), José Joaquín Campos, Mona McCord and Carlos Cortés (SAN).

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