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We are orchestrators of partnerships for collaborative impact in regenerative agriculture

The opportunities for mainstreaming regenerative agriculture are many, but they require the involvement of many different stakeholders, with diverse expert knowledge and experience in various fields. At the Sustainable Agriculture Network, we have learned precisely that through the many projects we’ve led and our successful experiences with partners and clients.

Our mission is more important today than ever: We must transform agriculture if we want food systems to be sustainable, nature and humans to be healthy, and rural communities to prosper. It is also more urgent today than ever: to secure a sustainable future for food, people, and the environment, we need to act collaboratively on a global scale and to do so now.

To fulfill it, we believe in the urgency of collaborative work with members and other strategic partner organizations to enhance collective impact, aligning with our shared mission to transform agriculture at a scale and speed that responds to global challenges.

Such scale and speed require upfront, strategic leadership capable of coordinating and facilitating tasks like consortium formation, task distribution, data collection, monitoring, evaluation and learning with project and program consortiums. It also needs a harmonious facilitation of communication, reporting and coordination with the financing organizations.

To navigate these intricacies effectively, SAN is uniquely poised to act as an orchestrator of collaborative partnerships. The SAN Secretariat as a global collaborative network has the mandate of its members and the enabling conditions to coordinate such efforts in a neutral manner due to its third-party status, adding value and credibility to the donor or client.

Supported by the credibility of our members, donors and clients, the SAN Secretariat is also committed to highlight the contributions of each strategic partner, to act with transparency and objectivity in every decision-making process, and to communicate openly and frequently with all participants.

We welcome interested corporations and institutions eager to take on the opportunities that agriculture faces today. By building collaborative partnerships, we can achieve ambitious targets that effectively address the triple crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and rural poverty. Let’s act now.

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