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Why Sustainable Agriculture?

We foster sustainable agriculture, biodiversity conservation and improved rural livelihoods on and  beyond farms through the collaborative implementation of technical solutions, expertise, and knowledge by local partners.

Humanity is facing three ongoing crises

Climate change, biodiversity loss and rural poverty are all accelerated by conventional agriculture

Image of deforestation

Conventional agriculture practices are responsible for 17% of the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change, and for an additional 7-14% through land use changes.

We have driven nitrogen and phosphorus flows to the biosphere and oceans, changes in land use, the extinction of thousands of species and accelerated climate change to high-risk levels.


Sustainable agriculture is a vital part of the solution to climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty.

Our work is directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals

The SAN Sustainable Agriculture Framework (SAF), the basis for our proposals, contributes towards achieving forty-one targets under fourteen sustainable development goals. In addition, our network nature is aligned to Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goals.

Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger. Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and production

SAN's innovative programs and solutions, particularly TerraViva, optimizes communities’ wellbeing and livelihoods through a combined landscape and market approach following circular bioeconomy principles to ensure sustainable production, sourcing, and consumption patterns.

Forest Trees
Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action. Sustainable Development Goal 15: Life on land.

SAN provides strategic leadership and aligns its three signature programs - TerraViva, NetZero, and Ecoasis - to ambitious climate action from governments, corporations and foundations to promote best practices to harness nature-based solutions.

A couple of farmers smiling in a field of chili peppers
Sustainable Development Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals

SAN serves as a backbone organization to this network, providing the tools, resources, and alignment opportunities that help propel collective efforts and impact among members and other partners.

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