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Our 2021 Annual Report is out!

As the world continued to adapt to a new normal impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, SAN’s work kept proving itself more relevant than ever before. During 2021, we moved forward with our network members and strategic partners to deliver a positive impact in supply chains, farm ecosystems, and rural communities.

Our 2021 Annual Report: Fostering global collaboration to regenerate our planet, highlights the work of a committed team and engaged partners and donors to address the issues of climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty.

This has translated to over 50,000 hectares and 1,200 farmers benefited from the innovative approaches and solutions delivered in collaboration with corporate agribusiness partners and governments, and with members of our global network acting as local implementers.

“SAN is fit for purpose and always ready for growth, to tackle pressing environmental, economic, and social global challenges through sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Our accomplishments with partners from the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors, strengthen our commitment to keep pushing for even more opportunities to collaborate to transform agriculture for nature, food, and rural communities”, said Executive Director, José Joaquín Campos.

Innovating with tailor-made solutions to pressing challenges

We also continue to respond to an ever-changing global context for environmental and social action, with the introduction of three signature programs that encompass the tailor-made solutions we co-create with public and private organizations that are steadfast in making agriculture an effective tool for planetary climate action.

“These innovative signature programs build on the need to provide integrated social and agroecological solutions to restore the natural, human and social capital”, noted SAN’s Executive Director.

Learn more of the impactful work we delivered in 2021 by downloading a copy of our Annual Report and contact us to make the coming years even more transformative for food, people, and nature.

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