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Our Signature Programs

We deliver tailormade, codesigned solutions for agriculture sustainability challenges through our three signature programs.

TerraViva logo

A solution designed to support sustainable landscapes.

TerraViva provides access to tools, markets and finance for small scale producers and rural communities to balance land use and conservation. 

We develop sustainable landscape solutions that provide rural producers and their communities access to knowledge, markets, and finance, to balance production and conservation.

Ecoasis Logo.png

Empowering farmers to become effective managers and decision-makers in growing healthy crops.

Ecoasis promotes pollinator habitat restoration and other measures that protect the agroecosystem.

We design integrated multi-functional areas to promote habitat restoration for pollinators, beneficial insects and empower producers to become effective decision-makers in growing healthy crops, manage pests sustainably and creating agroecological farms.

Coambition Logo.png

Helping companies, institutions and governments meet their sustainability commitments in agriculture.

CoAmbition collaborates in achieving targets related with mitigation and adaptation to climate change along supply chains.

We collaborate with major corporations in the food industry, like Nestlé and Ferrero, to drive impactful action around global climate and biodiversity targets and ensure CSR programs meet their environmental goals.

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