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Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano (CAD)

Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano (CAD)

We are a generator and facilitator of strategies and solutions in the environmental sector.

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Mission Statement

The Consorcio Ambiental Dominicano (CAD) is a non-profit organization based in the Dominican Republic, made up of governmental, non-governmental and international institutions linked to the environmental and natural resources sectors.

Geographic Scope

CAD works on the sustainable management of natural resources throughout the Dominican Republic, with special attention to the border zone with Haiti.

Work Areas

Its priority themes are biodiversity, protected areas, environmental education, sustainable agriculture, ecotourism and coastal-marine ecosystems.

CAD’s activities focus mainly on protected areas, buffer zones and surrounding communities. It also works in the regions where its members and partners work to:

•  Promote tried and tested sustainable environmental management practices and strategies.

•  Implement activities that promote ecologically sustainable development, while respecting socio-cultural traditions.

•  Mobilize participation from communities and private enterprises in environmental management.

•  Promote greater collaboration between environmental organizations to achieve   synergies in protecting the environment.

•  Contribute to increased awareness and application of the national policy framework for sustainable management of natural resources.

•  Contribute to strengthening the management and operational capacities of its members.

•  Contribute to environmental conservation and sustainable management of natural resources and the environment.

CAD’s mission is to promote and implement environmental solutions based on the experience and expertise of its members and partners, improving the quality of the environment and the livelihoods of the community.

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