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Our Strategy and Process

We have extensive experience with various approaches to sustainability in agriculture, from certification to the design and implementation of customized tools for companies and agencies.

Farm worker squatting in banana plantation

We focus our efforts in achieving three strategic goals


Expand and strengthen SAN as a global collaborative network of organizations that secures a sustainable future for people, food, and nature.

Solar Panels in Mountains

Catalyze credible sustainability and climate commitments through an expanded set of nature-based tools, partners, and delivery channels.

Farmer Holding Vegetables In Hands

Improve rural livelihoods through innovative, scalable, and locally adapted technological solutions in agriculture.

To achieve these goals, we work mainly on projects related to three thematic priorities, which comprise our signature programs.

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We use a simple and efficient work model to deliver verifiable results.

All our projects are implemented with the best combination of sustainability solutions and data is managed in our specialized technological platform, the SAN Intelligence Hub (iHub).



Collaborative partnerships are and will continue to be SAN’s primary channel for disseminating the tools, methods and training developed by SAN to address regenerative agriculture. SAN builds synergies with a wide range of partners to achieve desired programmatic outcomes, including those from its member network who have decades of experience working together.

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