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SAN belongs to its members. That is why both the General Assembly and the Board of Directors are entirely composed of SAN members.

Woman farmer in field

SAN Governance Bodies

SAN works using a participatory, decision-making process with stakeholders. This structure enables credible consensus building and encourages democratic, inclusive and transparent discussions.

General Assembly

The General Assembly consists of all members of the network and it is the supreme authority of SAN. It has one representative for each one of the member organizations and elects the SAN Board of Directors.

Clusters and categories

Implementation Cluster

The Implementation Cluster is focused on agricultural field work. It is composed by local and international, environment conservation and social-focused NGOs, with demonstrated experience in agriculture.

This cluster’s members are non-profit organizations only, able to implement projects and other activities in the field. They have direct contact with farmers and have a strong focus on support.

Implementation Members have a key role in project proposals and implementation, and are part of the governance as General Assembly and Board Members. They can participate in all SAN activities and platforms.

Knowledge Cluster

The Knowledge Cluster is focused on information and experience exchange, facilitating an open dialogue towards innovation, and providing support on advocacy efforts.

This cluster is integrated by both, non-profit and for-profit organization that are leading voices in the agricultural world and are mission-driven. The cluster groups the Affiliate and Supporting Members.

Governance graph. The implementation cluster includes implementing members. The knowledge cluster includes affiliate members and supporting members.
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