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Landscape management

Delivered through our Signature Program
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Supporting communities to achieve resilient and sustainable territories

With a systems-thinking perspective, SAN employs asset-based tools and methods to co-design a path towards GHG emission reduction, biodiversity restoration, and improved rural livelihoods, alongside communities that depend on the well-being of their landscape. The establishment of a Common Territorial Agenda that captures an agreed sustainable vision for the territory is the foundation to trace this strategic path towards community resiliency.

By putting smallholders in the driver's seat, we help local actors develop informed, long-term decisions and plans about their territory. Our scalable and replicable approach recognizes the interconnectedness of land uses, ecosystems, and the people who interact with them.

Communities and stakeholders benefit from the delivery of services that enhance the territory's market appeal and help make climate-smart decisions on the use of the landscape sustainable over time.

1. Business modeling

Values ecosystem services in the territory to reveal new revenue streams for rural communities.


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Alex Oatham

Senior Manager, Institutional Relation

Catalina Mora

Senior Manager,
Strategic Programs

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