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Instituto para la Cooperación y el Autodesarrollo (ICADE)

Instituto para la Cooperación y el Autodesarrollo (ICADE)

We work to alleviate poverty

Founded in:


SAN Member since:


Mission Statement

ICADE (Instituto para a Cooperación y el Autodesarrollo) provides housing, credit, job training, and other environmental and social services such as audits and technical assistance to producers and communities all around Honduras.

Geographic Scope


Work Areas

  • Rural development

  • Certification and verification services

  • Training and technical assistance

  • Housing

  • Microcredit and sustainable business

Accompany the target population and social economy enterprises to jointly stimulate sustainable self-development processes that contribute to the eradication of poverty and all forms of social exclusion, and promote the organization of social movements that lead to policies that favor the most vulnerable population, with the participation of women, youth and ethnic groups.

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