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Restoring nature | Nurturing communities | Propelling prosperity

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Cultivating a sustainable future

As Friends of Sustainable Agriculture, we believe in the power of collaboration. Together, we accelerate the movement towards sustainable agriculture, creating a shared impact on a global scale. 

Join us in envisioning a world where agriculture harmonizes with the environment, nurtures communities, and thrives economically.

Accelerating Global Change

FSA proudly joins forces with the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) in a shared commitment to advancing sustainable and regenerative agriculture on a global scale

Our collaboration with SAN amplifies our efforts, creating a powerful synergy that accelerates positive change in agricultural practices worldwide.


Educate, Inspire, Transform: FSA's Threefold Approach

Our partnership with SAN extends our reach to a global scale, propelling a network that ideates, fosters and connects sustainable agricultural stakeholders worldwide.

Explore how FSA educates stakeholders, inspires action, and transforms agricultural practices to build a resilient and sustainable future.


We forge strategic alliances with organizations, farmers, and stakeholders committed to sustainable agricultural practices. Through these partnerships, we leverage collective expertise and resources, amplifying the impact of initiatives that regenerate the environment, uplift communities, and build resilient agricultural systems.

Education opportunities

Knowledge is the key to transformation. FSA is dedicated to supporting accessible and empowering educational opportunities. From training programs for farmers to awareness campaigns for consumers, we assist in fostering a deep understanding of sustainable agricultural practices. By equipping individuals with the right knowledge, we catalyze positive change at the grassroots level.


True progress happens when diverse perspectives converge. Sustainable agriculture thrives on collaboration—bringing together farmers, researchers, policymakers, and advocates. By creating spaces for dialogue and cooperation, we foster innovative solutions and catalyze the adoption of sustainable practices on a global scale.

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Sustainable Agriculture for Resilient Ecosystems and Communities

Conventional agriculture is broken. We need to advance and mainstream regenerative and sustainable agriculture, to transform food systems and support rural resilience.

Join us for five transformational days in two contrasting  Costa Rican locations, where you'll experience first-hand how the food we eat and the ecosystems that sustain us are intricately connected, and will get to know the people fighting every day to maintain that delicate balance.

Board of Directors

Experience, commitment and passion for sustainable and regenerative agriculture, the environment, and community.

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TAX ID #93-2331969

Friends of Sustainable Agriculture is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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