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ABIODES - Associação para Desenvolvimento Sustentável

ABIODES - Associação para Desenvolvimento Sustentável

Our work with local communities is based on the priorities identified in the diagnosis through participatory methods and innovative techniques.

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Mission Statement

ABIODES is a Mozambican non-governmental organization whose general scope is to promote sustainable development. It seeks to support local communities, contributing to the improvement of their quality of life through the sustainable use and exploitation of natural resources.

Geographic Scope

ABIODES works in Mozambique, with headquarters in Maputo and offices in Nampula.

Work Areas

Agriculture and Food Security, which focuses on promoting agroecology throughout the production chain, including marketing, strengthening agri-business and income-generating activities at family level, and raising awareness of cross-cutting aspects such as gender and human rights among communities.

Environment and Natural Resources, which supports the Government and other stakeholders in the management of national natural resources. In 2022, this included the development of the Blue Economy Development Strategy of Mozambique (EDEA) and the organization of workshops and meetings between Government bodies and CSOs.

Organizational and Institutional Development, which is oriented towards the organization’s internal actions and focuses on administrative procedures, prospecting funding sources and partnerships, the performance of audits, and capacity building for staff.

Lobbying and Advocacy for Sustainable Development, which is focused on reinforcing advocacy actions on networks and platforms, spreading agroecology principles to the Mozambican public, and liaising with other players in the development of urban agriculture.

ABIODES’ mission is to instill sustainable and inclusive development through agriculture and rational use of natural resources.

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