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Centre d' Etudes, Formation, Conseils et Audits (CEFCA)

Centre d' Etudes, Formation, Conseils et Audits (CEFCA)

We work to increase the productivity of certified farms

Founded in:


SAN Member since:


Mission Statement

The “Centre d' Etudes, Formation, Conseils et Audits” (CEFCA) coordinates with national institutions and promotes the implementation of good agricultural practices through training and learning plans designed especially for farmers.

Geographic Scope

CEFCA works across Ivory Coast and some countries in West Africa.

Work Areas

  • Productivity

  • Technical assistance and training

  • Environmental management

  • Verification services

  • Good agricultural practices

To contribute to the sustainable development and social welfare of rural communities. CEFCA works primarily with cocoa and coffee farmers to preserve biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods by transforming land management practices. We also promote agricultural practices that protect natural resources and help rural communities improve their living conditions.

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