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Chipembere Community Development Organization (CCDO)

Chipembere Community Development Organization (CCDO)

We were formed against the background of non-recognition of rural women and young people’s initiatives in spite of their enormous contribution to the economy.

Founded in:


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Mission Statement

CCDO is a Malawi-based organization committed to empowering the youth, particularly young women, to voice out issues that affect them on their daily lives and enhancing young people’s active participation in the socio-economic development of the nation through agribusiness initiatives, lobbying, advocacy, capacity building and policy dialogue.

Geographic Scope

Based in the southern region of Malawi, CCDO operates in hard-to-reach rural communities of the country.

Work Areas

They provide youth and women in rural communities with the skills and resources they need to be self-reliant and productive citizens, through social entrepreneurship and agribusiness training. CCDO focuses their programs on:

  • Social entrepreneurship and agribusiness for women and youth. Encourage women and youth to develop entrepreneurial skills, which in turn, would make them self-dependent.

  • Food security and nutrition education for rural communities. Leading role in teaching the rural women and the entire community how to prepare nutritious food from locally available resources, in fighting against acute malnutrition.

  • Education access to the youth. Empower young women and men from humble background to realize their rights to health, recreation, education and employment opportunities.

CCDO was created with the aim of empowering the women and youth in the remotest communities, providing the resources and skills that they need to be economically self-reliant, thereby reducing the abject poverty currently skyrocketing rural communities in Malawi.

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